Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"the Composition" release

For everybody who has been anticipating the release of Carbyne’s new mixtape, “the Composition” it has finally here! And just like a library book, it’s ready for you to check out. Download it and put it on your iPod. Promise, you will not be disappointed.

Track List:

 1.  iGetUp
 2. GoodDay
3.  Carmen Sandiego
 4.  Boxtopz
 5.   #Zba
 6.   The New Kid
 7. Warrior Song
 8.  Don’t Stop
 9. Kickback
  10. She Got It
 11. Judy’s Room
  12. SleepWalking
  13. Olive
   14. Can I Live
  15. Outtroduction
   16. Bonus

Download the mixtape: HERE 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

_picture me rollin'

Picture Me Rollin' - Lz ft. S. Dot

Up-coming BayArea artist.
Download song at http://www.reverbnation.com/tonelz
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more about carbyne .. #zba

Cali Made Bay Area rap artist Carbyne has a humble confidence impossible to resist and hard to hate on. Growing up in Oakland, Carbyne began writing in his spare time, telling honest stories about his reality. The truthfulness in his writing became a part of the style that Carbyne exhibits today.

The Composition, premiere mixtape from Carbyne, is a unique combination of Hip hop, R&B, and Neo Soul with a lot of West Coast/Bay Area style. The songs featured on the mixtape are of such depth that mainstream has been known to lack. This music is the future.

Check out this interview with Carbyne as he explains his inspiration, motivation, and why he does what he does. Get to know your favorite artist a little better. Watch, listen, and enjoy.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

c a n d i d s . . .

kennedy , we have your soul

simple pleasures 

"so you gone hit me with the bat bruh ?"

clogs on yo bitch ass

jaye$ malfunction 

old man rashaan

we love to see you smile :)


Monday, November 14, 2011

the Calvary , here to save the day

The Calvary… not as lazy as their photo may look. But surely you know this. The trio, which began back in 2009 (January 4th 2009 to be EXACT) with no moral goals, direct inspiration or written material. Just metros, freestyles, and free time. In 2007, Springz moved from Washington, to Oakland. Where he met L’z and S. Dot. L’z (Lil Bust) who was already well in tune with his rapping ability, put them on with the idea of them all rapping together. To make it better, Springz sister knew somebody with a studio. And the magic began. Who would have thought they would have made such a sick triangle of artist? When they began, they were known as C. Springz, Lil Bust and S. Dot. Well, S.Dot has kept his original name, while C. Springz, removed the C, and Lil Bust, is now “L’z”. Their names may have changed slightly, but their music still gives you the laid back ambiance you want to relax to.  It makes you want to chill. Actually, it somewhat forces you to chill. Smooth hip-hop with songs you can dedicate and relate to. In the beginning, they just made songs. No mixtapes or albums, just various tracks they would get together and create. It was what they did, and are good at. As they got older, they realized sooner or later they would need to put a mixtape together.

Can We Talk by TheCalvary

Focused by TheCalvary

Lately, the group has been working separately, each on individual projects. Springz currently on his own mixtape, “Day Dreamin’”. L’z with his new mixtape “Up All Night”, and S.Dot with his alter ego “DJ Wake n’ Bake”. Not to mention the bucket load of features they have been involved in on numerous of other songs. Don’t worry though, it may be their first actual mixtape they are working on as the Calvary, but expect it to be the best shit that’s fucked your ears in a while. Chillin’ in the shadows thinking of a master plan, they will be back to save the day. Hang in there, “and shout out to yo mama”.

Here is an exclusive interview with your man Springz, a member of the Calvary. Watch it, listen, and learn :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

calimade @baystreet

about three months ago, during a performance at baystreet in Emeryville ... the foolisness  [originally created june 25th 2O11]